The Lord of Iron

This week, we’re showcasing one of my all-time favourite characters in the Horus Heresy: The Primarch Perturabo; Lord of Iron and undisputed master of the IV Legiones Astartes: Advertisements

Tyrant Siege Terminators

As the year draw to a close and Christmas looms large on the horizon, I find myself with less time to paint Ultramarines (or indeed most of my commission jobs), so instead I thought I’d share one of my quick’n’dirty units: a squad of Iron Warriors Tyrant Siege Terminators led by Erasmus Golg himself! Developed … Continue reading

The God-Engine Marches

Something a little different this week. From the vaults of my hobby room comes a miniature so large that it hardly seems appropriate to call it a “miniature”; the Lucius-Pattern Warhound Scout Titan: The Warhound Scout Titan is one of the Imperium of Man’s mightiest Weapons. Though dwarfed by every other Imperial Titan Class, the … Continue reading

Iron Within, Iron Without

Hi guys! My Ultramarines are currently in a building stage, and the commission stuff I’m working on is almost (but not quite) finished. So for this week’s post, I thought I’d dig up some of the minis I was painting while Brush With Destiny was on hiatus. Today I’m putting up for your consumption an … Continue reading