The Lord of Iron

This week, we’re showcasing one of my all-time favourite characters in the Horus Heresy: The Primarch Perturabo; Lord of Iron and undisputed master of the IV Legiones Astartes: Advertisements


A quick update this week, rounding out the job lot that started with the Multi-Purpose Rhinos from last week’s blog. This week, we’re moving on to some infantry to go with all the tanks I’ve been painting recently, and we’re starting with a unit of Chaos Obliterators:

Multi-Purpose Rhino

This week, we continue with the Multi-Purpose vehicles I’ve been working on for a client for a while now. An updated version of the older Mk. ICĀ Rhino, the Mk. IIC is the variant most commonly in production throughout the Forge Worlds of the 41st Millenium. As with earlier marks, the IIC Rhino is easy to … Continue reading

Lieutenant-Commander Fabius

The current commission is a big beefy Land Raider to go with the Multi-Purpose Sicaran. It’s not quite done yet, so instead you get my all-time favourite character in the Warhammer Universe: Lieutenant-Commander Fabius of the Emperor’s Children: Reclusive and possessed of a keen inquisitive mind, Chief Apothecary Fabius applies his Legion’s obsession with perfection … Continue reading

Multi-Purpose Sicaran

New update time! This week, it’s a commission job: a Sicaran Battle Tank which can take to the field as either a loyalist or traitor tank: Created primarily for use by the Space Marine Legions, the Sicaran Battle Tank is one of the most advanced armoured vehicles produced by the Imperium of man. Only just … Continue reading

Iron Within, Iron Without

Hi guys! My Ultramarines are currently in a building stage, and the commission stuff I’m working on is almost (but not quite) finished. So for this week’s post, I thought I’d dig up some of the minis I was painting while Brush With Destiny was on hiatus. Today I’m putting up for your consumption an … Continue reading

Bloody Heretics!

Time for a break from all the Italian stuff, I think. Here’s something of mine that I’ve been working on for a little while now: a vast, unwashed horde of Chaos Cultists: The oppression of life under Imperial rule is a constant throughout the galaxy. No hope of progress or promotion exists, and those few … Continue reading

Hellblade Chaos Interceptor

Well, the new Chaos Space Marine Codex is upon us, and in celebration, I’ve been working on something a bit different. From the leaked mini pictures, I could tell that I wasn’t going to overly like the new Heldrake miniature. Not only did it not really fit in with my Heresy-era Emperor’s Children, it had … Continue reading

Dreadclaw Assault Pod

So a while ago, I was alluding to a big job that I had going that was a surprise birthday present for my client’s friend. Well, that birthday has been and gone a while ago, and after much wrestling with the photos I took, I can now present the fruits of my labour, a Night … Continue reading

Ancient Rylanor, Dreadnought of the Emperor’s Children.

Anyone who’s kept track of my personal projects will notice that I really, really like purple. A lot. Of that purple flood, the last two are also part of the same army as this Dreadnought. For the last three years, I’ve been working on an Emperor’s Children Chaos Space Marines army for Warhammer: 40,000. Finally, … Continue reading