The March (and April) of War!

So, as you may have noticed, we’ve been in an extended period of radio-silence blog-wise. That’s because I’ve been sinking a lot of time into quite a large and involved commission: a Flames of War SS infantry lot: Advertisements

15mm Italian Priest on Palanquin

Hey guys! Hopefully we’ve all had a grand celebration of the birth of Christ, and happy new year’s celebrations to boot. I figured I’d launch 2013 with what would have to be my favourite mini from the 15mm Italian commission I did a while ago: a priest on a palanquin: Basically the army’s HQ unit, … Continue reading

15mm Italian Stradiotti

More Italians now! I’ve decided to add some more of the cavalry that I painted for this job, so without further preamble, here are a group of Stradiotti: Basically a bunch of men from a more rustic background than the rest of the army, I painted the Stradiotti in a variety of browns instead of … Continue reading

15 mm Italian Men-At-Arms

More tiny wee Italians! This time, it’s my client’s heavily-armoured cavalry, a bunch of Men-At Arms: The army had eight Men-At-Arms in total, so rather than posting them four at a time, I figured I’d do them all in one hit. The riders were all fairly simple to paint up. Once I’d hit them with … Continue reading

15mm Italian Bombard

More Italians!┬áThis time it’s the bombard for my client’s up-and-coming Da Vinci-themed army: Painting the bombard itself and the cannonballs was fairly simple. All the metal bits were painted gunmetal, then given a black wash. After that, the wood was re-painted a dark brown, before being drybrushed and highlighted with a lighter brown. The cannonballs … Continue reading

15mm Italian Pikemen

More Hordes of the Things infantry; this time eight of the sixteen Italian pikemen I’m doing up to go with the handgunners over here: Painting these guys was very similar to the handgunners, except the pikemen tend to have more body armour than their gun-toting comrades. To paint all that armour, I painted all the … Continue reading

15 mm Italian handgunners

Hey guys! New job time! I’m doing a 15mm Italian army with some extra stuff inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s designs. It’s for a game system called Hordes of the Things, which I have no idea on, so it’s fun to be working on something I’ve never even heard of before. No elaborate contraptions this … Continue reading