BWD How-To Series: Wash Painting

So I’m back! I’ve actually been back for a month or two now, although in a slightly reduced format. Instead of weekly blogs, I’ve been posting on Instagram (go follow us there if you haven’t already). At least for the short term, Instagram and Facebook will be my primary method of posting progress shots and … Continue reading

Moar Rhinos!

This week it’s back to the Multi-Purpose vehicles I’ve been working on for a while now. This time around it’s another pair of vehicles built out of the ubiquitous Rhino chassis:

Multi-Purpose Spartan

This week, it’s a miniature months in the painting; the colossal Spartan Assault Tank: An extension of the ubiquitous Land Raider¬†armoured carrier, the Spartan was designed to carry more than double the number of troops a standard Land Raider could carry, permitting a full squad of ten Terminators to ride one accompanied by commanders or … Continue reading

Multi-Purpose Land Raider

Back to the multi-purpose generic vehicles this week, as this Land Raider Proteus rolls off the painting table onto the battlefield: The Land Raider is an ancient mainstay of the Space Marines motor pool, providing heavy support and troop transport functionality in one heavily armoured package. Bulkier and faster than the more ubiquitous Phobos-pattern, the … Continue reading

The God-Engine Marches

Something a little different this week. From the vaults of my hobby room comes a miniature so large that it hardly seems appropriate to call it a “miniature”; the Lucius-Pattern Warhound Scout Titan: The Warhound Scout Titan is one of the Imperium of Man’s mightiest Weapons. Though dwarfed by every other Imperial Titan Class, the … Continue reading

Please Stand By

My other work sees me in Brisbane this week; so I’m afraid it’s no new minis today. Stay tuned for some more exciting stuff next week, though!

We Can Rebuild Him…

Back to my Ultramarines this week, with a warrior/priest who isn’t technically an Ultramarine himself, but rather an allied commander serving alongside them: Archmagos Norfleet of Maliwan Forge: One of the dignitaries sent to accompany Eikos Lamiad on his journey to Calth, Archmagos Norfleet was caught in the destruction of the Holophusikon along with the … Continue reading

Avatar of the Maiden of Gears

Today, I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from Space Marines. I thought I’d share a mini I’ve been working on from the Warmachine range: Iron Mother Directrix. Chosen to lead the Convergence of Cyriss as its Iron Mother during the most militaristic phase of their plans, Directrix had her soul transferred to … Continue reading

A Brief History of Wargaming

Hello all! I’ve been out of action with an ear infection for the better part of a week, and while this has meant necessary time off work, that time has been spent clutching my head in pain rather than getting into some serious painting. In lieu of miniatures this week, then, I thought I’d take … Continue reading

“There Are No Wolves on Fenris…”

Time for an update! To go with the bestial Wulfen I put up earlier, here are two more former Space Marines who have gone even further along the path to being little more than snarling predators: Many Space Wolves go into battle accompanied by war wolves; some the size of cars, and others a more … Continue reading