Getting Basic

Apologies for missing yesterday’s update. I was busy working on a super-secret project which I can now share with you: Brush With Destiny is expanding into the base-making business! Brush With Destiny’s base collection will begin with two themes: Dark Temple and Industrial Decking. The Dark Temple bases are crafted to look like the floor … Continue reading

Master of Mechanisms

Today we’re back to my Traitor Legio Cybernatica army. Having painted one of the army’s top lieutenants earlier this year, it was time for me to go ahead and paint the head of the Cerberus Cohort, Archmagos Dominus Thexeus: Unyielding master of Cerberus Cohort, Archmagos Thexeus’ body has atrophied to the point of uselessness. All … Continue reading

Skorne Cataphract Cetrati II

So it’s time to unveil what I’ve been plugging away at all this time, and it’s a bit of a big job. A while ago, I posted my unit of Skorne Cataphract Cetrati. Well, my Skorne client has gotten in on the act, and sent me a full unit of 6 plus the Tyrant Vorkesh … Continue reading

Supreme Archdomina Makeda

A while ago, I painted Archdomina Makeda for my client’s Skorne army. However, the story of Warmachine and Hordes grinds inexorably onwards, and as it does, characters evolve and change. To that end, Privateer Press release rules for ‘epic’ Warcasters and Warlocks, representing the same characters further advanced along the narrative in which the games … Continue reading

Supreme Aptimus Zaal and Kovaas

Okay, finally getting back into the swing of things in terms of painting. The last few months have been crazy and intense. But, straight back into it with a new Skorne Warlock for my main client’s big Skorne army, this time it’s Supreme Aptimus Zaal and his companion, the Kovaas: The Skorne face two paths … Continue reading

“I Need No Shield With Tiberion Beside Me.”

Sometimes, a miniature comes up that just captures the imagination. A miniature that restores your joy in painting stuff and for me, that miniature was released last week, and within a day, I had him painted and ready to play in the tournament that was held this Sunday just gone. I speak of Tiberion, Tyrant … Continue reading

Agoniser II

Another re-run from me, this time it’s the second Agoniser my client’s had me paint for his Skorne army: Ordinarily, you’re only allowed to include 1 Agoniser in a Skorne army for each Warlock you have commanding that army. Rasheth’s theme force, however, allows you to take as many of the little buggers as you … Continue reading

Bethayne and Belphagor

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I was away all last week leading a study cam for students prepping for their high school final exams. Then there was an awful lot of recovery and construction work to do before anything was even near finished to put up here. I’m back though, and … Continue reading

Titan Gladiator II

Way back when, I painted a Skorne Titan gladiator for my client’s fledgling Skorne army. Now, a bronzeback, an agoniser and a sentry further down the track, my client has added a second gladiator: Titans are, by nature, quite docile herbivores, content to roam the savannahs that make up their natural habitat. Unfortunately for these … Continue reading

Cyclops Raider

Back into my client’s Skorne army today, this time with a Cyclops, much like the Brute and Molik Karn. This, time, though, it’s a creature that mixes a lack of depth perception with powerful firearms, yet still manages to hit its target most of the time. I present the Cyclops Raider: Although trained in the … Continue reading