Getting Basic

Apologies for missing yesterday’s update. I was busy working on a super-secret project which I can now share with you: Brush With Destiny is expanding into the base-making business! Brush With Destiny’s base collection will begin with two themes: Dark Temple and Industrial Decking. The Dark Temple bases are crafted to look like the floor … Continue reading

Allons-y, Alonzo!

So a while ago, I made a diorama for those with an aversion to blinking. To continue the Doctor Who goodness, I recently finished a mini of my favourite of the three new Doctors, number ten: A little less involved than my Weeping Angels, certainly, but I think this mini captures the Tenth Doctor well. … Continue reading

Blink and You’re Dead.

One of the scariest critters from the new Doctor Who series are the Weeping Angels. Creatures that move impossibly fast, but which literally don’t exist when you look at them, able to get you the instant you look away. Any self-respecting Doctor Who fan spent at least the next week after they saw ‘Blink‘ steadfastly … Continue reading

Evangelion Unit-00

This was one of my ‘just for funsies’ personal projects. Because I’m a bit of an anime buff, and because I basically grew up watching Neon Genesis: Evangelion, I’d always wanted to try my hand at making and painting an EVA. Thankfully, Ban-Dai gave me that opportunity when they released all three EVAs as miniatures. … Continue reading