Getting Basic

Apologies for missing yesterday’s update. I was busy working on a super-secret project which I can now share with you: Brush With Destiny is expanding into the base-making business! Brush With Destiny’s base collection will begin with two themes: Dark Temple and Industrial Decking. The Dark Temple bases are crafted to look like the floor … Continue reading

Haqqislam’s Saladin, Victorious Unifier of the Faith

So, this is the last bit of the Haqqislam force I was commissioned to paint up, and it’s even a real person ripped straight from history – quite literally! I give you Saladin, leader of the forces of Haqqislam: Leader and unifier of the Near East in the late 1100’s, Saladin was the title taken … Continue reading

Haqqislam Janissary

One more to go in this Haqqislam force, and today it’s the last guy from the original starter set, a Haqqislam Janissary: Drafted from orphanages or taken from parents who hold to other faiths (either voluntarily or by force) at a young age, a Janissary’s education is a mix of unrelenting religious instruction and intense … Continue reading

Haqqislam Naffatun

After this mini, it’s only two more to go until the Haqqislam force I’m painting for a client is finished. So, without too much preamble, I give you the second female in the starter box, the Haqqislam Naffatun: The Naffatun are light infantry who specialise in flame-based and incendiary weaponry, bringing incandescent death to those … Continue reading

Haqqislam Hunzakut

Well, I’m continuing apace with the Haqqislam miniatures I’ve had sitting on my ‘to paint’ shelf for far too long, and here’s the next guy I completed, a Hunzakut: Infiltration and ambush specialists particularly at home in rocky and mountainous terrain, the Hunzakuts are often selected from the ranks of the weathered and experienced jaguar-hunters … Continue reading

Haqqislam Ghulam Warriors

I’ve got a new project! I’m painting up a different faction from the same game and universe as the Nomads I’ve painted and posted up here previously. This time, I’m painting Corvus Belli’s take on the future of Islam; the might interplanetary nation of Haqqislam. I figured I’d start by painting up some of the … Continue reading

Nomad Hellcat

I mentioned here that the Nomads live on three massive ships and travel amongst human-controlled planets. So far, most of the units I’ve painted for my client have come from Bakunin, with a few from Tunguska. Now, though, the final ship Corregidor gets a unit in my client’s army; the Hellcats: Corregidor’s rapid-response and interdiction … Continue reading

Nomad Interventor

No, that’s not a spelling error, the unit I’m posting this week is legitimately called an Interventor: Like the Szalamandra, the Interventor is a troop type from the Nomad ship Tunguska. Tunguska is a ship renowned throughout the Human Sphere as being home to the very best hackers, who are employed by the banks on … Continue reading

Szalamandra and Pilot

So I temporarily fixed my camera situation, and in celebration I give you another Infinity Nomads unit I painted for a client: a Szalamandra and its pilot: Fielded by the Nomad ship Tunguska, the Szalamandra squadrons, like their mythical namesake, wade into enemy fire without flinching, dealing death to all who stand before them. The … Continue reading

Ariadna Loup-Garou

So, I picked up a commission a couple of weeks ago to do a unit of Ariadna Loup-Garou to a pretty high standard. So, without further adieu, here is that unit of Loup-Garou: From the same game universe as the Nomads, the Loup-Garou are from a faction known as Ariadna, a technologically backwards group whose … Continue reading