BWD Temporary Hiatus

Grim news indeed today, folks! Work and life are things to be kept in fine balance. Too much of one, and the other starts to suffer. Advertisements

How-To: Gore

I’ve had quite a few people contact me privately to ask about how to do the gore effect on my Genestealers from last week. To that end, this week I’m publishing the inaugural BWD How-To blog focussing on different parts of the hobby we all know and love. This week, obviously, we’re going with gore … Continue reading

Getting Basic

Apologies for missing yesterday’s update. I was busy working on a super-secret project which I can now share with you: Brush With Destiny is expanding into the base-making business! Brush With Destiny’s base collection will begin with two themes: Dark Temple and Industrial Decking. The Dark Temple bases are crafted to look like the floor … Continue reading

The XIIIth are Coming (Also, We’re Back)!!

Hello all!! After a long hiatus, Brush With Destiny is finally dusting off the cobwebs and cranking back into business. Expect to see some more stuff from me over the next little while, and I look forward to once again putting brush to mini in order to bring you guys the best possible service at … Continue reading

Basic vs. Advanced Paint Jobs: A Comparison.

So, I realised on Sunday, just before I headed into church, that I haven’t actually posted anything showing the comparison between what constitutes a basic paint job, and what constitutes an advanced one. To that end, I spent yesterday largely waiting for stuff to dry on a model I decided to knock out as a … Continue reading