A quick update this week, rounding out the job lot that started with the Multi-Purpose Rhinos from last week’s blog. This week, we’re moving on to some infantry to go with all the tanks I’ve been painting recently, and we’re starting with a unit of Chaos Obliterators: Advertisements

The March (and April) of War!

So, as you may have noticed, we’ve been in an extended period of radio-silence blog-wise. That’s because I’ve been sinking a lot of time into quite a large and involved commission: a Flames of War SS infantry lot:

Multi-Purpose Spartan

This week, it’s a miniature months in the painting; the colossal Spartan Assault Tank: An extension of the ubiquitous Land Raider armoured carrier, the Spartan was designed to carry more than double the number of troops a standard Land Raider could carry, permitting a full squad of ten Terminators to ride one accompanied by commanders or … Continue reading

Multi-Purpose Rhino

This week, we continue with the Multi-Purpose vehicles I’ve been working on for a client for a while now. An updated version of the older Mk. IC Rhino, the Mk. IIC is the variant most commonly in production throughout the Forge Worlds of the 41st Millenium. As with earlier marks, the IIC Rhino is easy to … Continue reading

The Sword of Sin

Today we’ve got something slightly different. Instead of the grim darkness of the far future or a high fantasy setting, we instead have a slightly more modern-day (although still very fictional) character – Azrael, from the Batman Miniatures Game: I am by no means an expert on the intricacies of the DC comic/film/video game universe, … Continue reading

Mice and Mystics

Something completely different this week. Instead of painting wargaming mininatures, this week I’ve been hard at work finishing off some pieces for the board game Mice and Mystics: The job also includes the expansion, but that’s not quite done yet, so stay tuned for more. This lot includes eight cockroaches (bottom), six rats (either side), … Continue reading

Multi-Purpose Land Raider

Back to the multi-purpose generic vehicles this week, as this Land Raider Proteus rolls off the painting table onto the battlefield: The Land Raider is an ancient mainstay of the Space Marines motor pool, providing heavy support and troop transport functionality in one heavily armoured package. Bulkier and faster than the more ubiquitous Phobos-pattern, the … Continue reading

Multi-Purpose Sicaran

New update time! This week, it’s a commission job: a Sicaran Battle Tank which can take to the field as either a loyalist or traitor tank: Created primarily for use by the Space Marine Legions, the Sicaran Battle Tank is one of the most advanced armoured vehicles produced by the Imperium of man. Only just … Continue reading

Dungeon Crawlers

Hello again! This week, we forge ahead with a foray into the world of 3D printing. The lovely folks over at HeroForge provide a service whereby you can design your own character and have them print it for you and send it off. You may remember that I recently painted Barakas Black-Hand as a commission of … Continue reading

Gnome Wizard

Hi all! This week, I continue to clear my post-illness backlog with another commission piece – this time ’round it’s a Gnome Wizard! This young fellow is based on the Reaper Miniatures Halfling Wizard. However, whereas it’s completely acceptable for halflings to go about clean-shaven and baby-faced, it’s a well-known fact of life that all … Continue reading