Hi! I’m Douglas Taylor, an award-winning miniature painter based in Sydney’s West, with an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence.

Being born in the same year that the classic board game Space Hulk was released was my first brush with destiny, and I guess it should come as no surprise that I became a wargaming nerd. When he first bought it in 1989, I’m quite sure my father didn’t expect a game about ‘man versus alien in desperate struggle’ to have such a profound impact on my life. Nevertheless, when I turned twelve, dad and I opened the game up (my second brush with destiny), and thus was born a hobbyist. Since then, I’ve enjoyed every aspect of the hobby;  the gaming, the modeling, the painting, the tip-trading and encouragement of up-and-coming hobbyists, and have been encouraged and helped myself by many great ‘gamers, artists and all around nerds.

The one thing I kept coming back to, though, was the painting. My dad and I had spent so long bonding over poorly-painted Genestealers and Terminators over-painted to the point that they were more blob than marine, that painting was one of those things I just loved to do. And so, over the years, I have added to and generally continued to experiment with and enhance a style that has been described as ‘natural,’ ‘pastel-esque,’ and ‘subtly brilliant.’

Brush With Destiny Studios offers a wide range of services, from single figures to whole armies; painting to either tabletop-ready or advanced quality.



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