BWD How-To Series: Wash Painting


So I’m back!

I’ve actually been back for a month or two now, although in a slightly reduced format.

Instead of weekly blogs, I’ve been posting on Instagram (go follow us there if you haven’t already). At least for the short term, Instagram and Facebook will be my primary method of posting progress shots and commission updates.

This blog will go to a more sporadic, how-to style, where I post quick tutorials on painting techniques and tips that I find helpful.

Today, that’s going to be wash painting. Wash painting is the technique of using a series of washes to add colour and depth to a miniature over a greyscale basecoat. The technique’s main advantage is that it’s dead quick, and can be done in large batches.

I’m using this technique to make a third attempt at my on-again, off-again Genestealer Cult army. I’m hoping that by using a quick technique like this, I can get the hundreds of troops I need for the army ready in a relatively short space of time.

Without further preamble, let’s launch into it.

Paint time: 15 minutes + drying time per miniature

You will need (I used):
Black spray (GW Chaos Black)
Grey spray (Army Painter Uniform Grey)
White spray (GW Corax White)
Blue wash (GW Drakenhof Nightshade)
Purple wash (GW Druchii Violet)
Red wash (GW Carroburg Crimson)
Black wash (GW Nuln Oil)
Green glaze (GW Waystone Green)
Gunmetal (GW Leadbelcher)
Bone (GW Flayed One Flesh)
Red (GW Evil Sunz Scarlet)


Step 1
Spray undercoat your model black

Step 2
From an angle above the miniature, lightly spray the model with a grey tone.

Step 3
From an even steeper angle above the model, spray with white.

Step 4
Now for the fun parts!
Wash all the armoured chitin areas with your blue shade.
As that’s drying, wash all the cloth with the red colour and all the skin with purple.
Paint all your metallics with the gunmetal colour.

Step 5
Go back over the armoured chitin and cloth areas with the same colours you used the first time around. This will darken those areas while still maintaining the shadows and highlights of the basecoat.
Wash all the gunmetal areas and the armoured parts of the model’s mining gear with your black wash.

Step 6
Add details such as claws and eyes with regular paint and a paintbrush. I do red for eyes and bone for the claws. If you’re feeling fancy, add a yellow glaze to the spotlight over the model’s right shoulder.
Hit the tubing around the miniature with the green glaze.

And there you have it!
One Genestealer Cultist painted up in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Star Trek!

The techniques can be ported across to any number of armies and models, but hopefully this gives you a framework to get your hordes painted and on the table-top.

Good hunting, brothers. For the Four-Armed Emperor!!


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