BWD Temporary Hiatus

Grim news indeed today, folks!

Work and life are things to be kept in fine balance. Too much of one, and the other starts to suffer.


As things currently stand, the 2 1/2 other jobs I work through the week are becoming more and more demanding. As such, Brush With Destiny will have to go into low power mode for the next couple of months.

Those of you who have commissions with me at the moment, fear not! I’ll get to your stuff, and a lot of it is already most of the way there.


However, I won’t be taking any new commissions ’till August at the earliest, and the blog will also be shut down until then.

This will also give me a chance to re-charge the batteries a bit, and come back at your commissions with all the vim and vigour you’ve come to expect from Brush With Destiny Studios.

Until then, happy hobbying and I look forward to seeing you all when life settles back down and I can get back to the important stuff like painting your war-toys!


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