The Lord of Iron

This week, we’re showcasing one of my all-time favourite characters in the Horus Heresy: The Primarch Perturabo; Lord of Iron and undisputed master of the IV Legiones Astartes:


Like many of the Primarchs, Perturabo was raised on a planet ravaged by war. His adoptive father Dammekos taught him the art of siege warfare, and so by the time he was reunited with the fledgling Imperium, Perturabo was already a skilled warrior and general.

When he was reunited with the IV Legio, Perturabo reviewed his sons’ performance in his absence. Though their war-record was impressive, it was not enough for the Lord of Iron. Perturabo issued the Edict of Decimation, declaring that one in every ten Legionaries would be beaten to death by his brothers for their failures.

Suitably chastised, Perturabo took command of his Legion, now known as the Iron Warriors, and made great gains for the Emperor during the Great Crusade; although these were often overlooked by historians and poets in favour of more palatable victories won by more glorious Legions.


Perturabo was a joy to paint. His armour, unlike Roboute Guilliman’s, is workmanlike and (relatively) practical, offering impenetrable defence with a minimum of ornamentation.

I painted his armour in the same dull steel as the rest of his Legion, but took a little extra time to make his hazard chevrons and brass/gold details stand out a bit more.


Perturabo is based on the ruins of an Imperial Knight-Titan, one of the massive walkers used by the Imperium of Man to crush their enemies. To help tie this once-majestic wreck into the games I tend to play with my Iron Warriors, I’ve painted it to match the colours of a fellow player whose army’s backstory features Knights heavily.

The dead pilot is a mess of gore and rubble, and the Knight itself has been suitably beaten up to make it feel more like a wreck and less like the noble machine it was in life.


Perturabo’s warhammer Forgebreaker isn’t actually his. Gifted to him by the Warmaster Horus to seal his pact with the Traitors, Perturabo wields a weapon originally used by the Iron Hands Primarch, Ferrus Manus (re-tooled to suit Perturabo’s more brutal style of war).

If I ever want to play with Perturabo at a time before Ferrus Manus died, I’ve magnetised his right wrist so that I can swap¬†Forgebreaker for an empty hand. Although this makes him weaponless, Perturabo is still more than up to the challenge of tearing apart most opponents with his bare hands (and the massive wrist-mounted cannons he wields help too).



While I like Perturabo’s face, I found it odd that a man who’s devoted his life to siege warfare would go into battle without a helmet. So, once more calling upon the magic power of magnets, I’ve built the Lord of Iron so that his head can swap out for a suitably brutal-looking helmet.

The best part about magnets, of course, is that I can always swap between his bare head and his helmet as the mood takes me.

And there he is; Primarch Perturabo of the Iron Warriors, ready to tear down the bastions of the Imperium and bring ruin to the Emperor’s domains.

“Victory is won by the precise application of superior force at the point of maximum vulnerability. All else – deft manoeuvre, honour, glory, skill-at-arms – all are worthless trivia in comparison, no matter what pretty lies my brothers may spout to the contrary.”
Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors

3 Responses to “The Lord of Iron”
  1. Fantastic model. Fantastic Character and most of all Fantastic paint job!!

  2. Sam says:

    Awesome, just curious what helmet did you use on him?

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