A quick update this week, rounding out the job lot that started with the Multi-Purpose Rhinos from last week’s blog.

This week, we’re moving on to some infantry to go with all the tanks I’ve been painting recently, and we’re starting with a unit of Chaos Obliterators:


Created in the maddening depths of the Eye of Terror shortly after the conclusion of the Horus Heresy, the Obliterator Virus consumes both its host and their wargear, merging the two into one indistinguishable machine-organism, able to absorb and generate a wide range of weapons and ammunition at will, and gaining increased strength and durability as they consume their own armour.

The Virus itself is a daemonic entity, which is what allows for the mind-boggling changes it creates. Because it is daemonic, however, the host almost always loses their sanity in the process, and most certainly damns their immortal soul.


Obliterators can prove a bit of a challenge to paint. You need to somehow blend daemonic, machine, and human elements all together in a way that isn’t too tacky or over-the-top, but which also gives each element its time in the sun. These Obliterators are actually based on some miniatures from Hi-Tech Miniatures, and I think are an excellent stand-in for the “official” Games Workshop ones.

For these guys, the daemonic and human flesh is painted in very similar ways, except that the daemonic flesh is given a red wash to help it stand out more. Fortunately, between all three of these minis, there was enough armour, metal and daemon-flesh to stop any of them feeling too much like one thing or the other.

“Flesh and bone are weak and mutable, and yet the daemonic is ultimately insubstantial and impotent. To be master of both matter and energy, and blend this mastery with ultimate control of one’s consciousness, is to achieve true immortality – neither confined by the material, nor divorced from it.”

– Magos Elizah Kaudge on the Obliterator Virus.


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