They Mostly Come Out at Night

This week, we’re revisiting my old Genestealer Cult, a force I started a long time ago, abandoned, and have now rekindled with the recent release of Deathwatch: Overkill and all the beautiful miniatures it contains.

To start this force, I’m kicking off not with the Hybrids, but with the pinnacle of Genestealer evolution: the Purestrain:


Four-armed creatures purpose-bred to be the vanguard of a Tyranid invasion force, Genestealers infiltrate their host organism’s society, preying upon the weak and downtrodden.

Such miscreants are hypnotised and infected with the “Genestealer’s Kiss”, a horrifying genetic transfer which ensures that all the host’s offspring will be vile hybrids of human and Genestealer.

When called upon to fight, a Purestrain moves with deadly speed and grace, its talons more than up to the challenge of tearing apart the toughest armour, and their ferocity unmatched across the galaxy.


I really like Genestealers. They’re the original bad guys from Space Hulk, the board game that got me into Warhammer 40K in the first place, and I’ve always had a soft spot for them.

Most of the Genestealers from these two squads are actually from the most recent edition of Space Hulk, and are full of character and dynamism to help convey some of their deadly grace and alien anatomy.


In painting these guys, I wanted to remain true to the original colours of the Genestealers in the first edition of Space Hulk, and so their chitinous exoskeleton is blue-grey, their flesh has a purple tinge, and their claws and teeth are off-white.

To help make them feel particularly vicious, I also added some ropes of gore to the claws and mouths of several Genestealers; as though they’ve just finished off one victim, and are moving on to the next.


Each squad is led by a Broodlord, a massive Genestealer easily thrice the height of a Space Marine. These guys have also had the gore layered on to make them even meaner-looking, and some extra attention was paid to getting some of their finer details to stand out, such as the bony plates on the back of the left Broodlord.

These twelve critters form the troops of the Tyranid force that will be allied into the Genestealer Cult, and are small units of close-combat murder ready to deliver into the heart of the enemy.

One Response to “They Mostly Come Out at Night”
  1. These are awesome man. I’m slowly starting to think I should collect some Nids.

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