The March (and April) of War!

So, as you may have noticed, we’ve been in an extended period of radio-silence blog-wise.

That’s because I’ve been sinking a lot of time into quite a large and involved commission: a Flames of War SS infantry lot:


Flames of War is a WWII historical tabletop wargame that I briefly dallied with a few years ago. It’s played at a much smaller scale than games like 40K, which allows for much grander-feeling encounters without requiring ten square feet of space to play on.


This commission was to paint up a German SS force in one of their signature camouflage patterns. In the end, I decided on the Oak-pattern camo, as it was quite visually striking, and relatively easy to make happen.

Of course, on such a small scale, a lot of the smaller details are going to get lost, but overall it’s still a very distinctive camouflage pattern.


To get the desired effect, I first hit every miniature with a red-brown base coat. This would be the base colour for the camouflage smocks, and would also provide the base for all the varnished wood. After that, two different greens (one quite dark and the other strikingly bright) were layered onto the brown to create the camouflage pattern.

Because not every soldier in the German army had a full set of camouflage gear, I also mixed in a number of helmets and pants that were painted in the standard German field grey. Skin was picked out with a fleshtone, and equipment was painted black.


After all of this, the miniatures were given a wash and a drybrush to make them feel a little more rugged, and then based similarly to my Ultramarines, albeit at a much smaller scale.


One of my favourite parts to work on was the field headquarters, with a bunch of German officers sitting and standing around a table. To keep them feeling distinct, most of the troops on this stand are dressed entirely in field grey. I also took the time to print off a couple of maps to scatter around the table so that all those officers have something to talk about.

And with this commission completed, it’s back into the multi-purpose Space Marine army, and a personal project that’s a new take on an old passion.


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