Vorax Maniple Ρ-Κ-12

Continuing on with the Mechanicum archive this week, it’s time to introduce the agile melee death-machines of Cerberus Cohort, Vorax Automata Maniple Ρ-Κ-12:


Created before the signing of the treaty that saw Mars and Earth reunited and the Great Crusade begun in earnest, the Vorax Class Battle-Automata was originally designed as a hunter-killer; loosed into the bowels of the great manufactories of the Red Planet to root out and destroy mutants and rogue machines. The cybernetica cortex engrams which dictate the actions of Vorax are known to be particularly vicious; so much so that their core programming is layered with so countless security protocols to stop them simply glitching out and destroying everything in their path.

Vorax are also deployed to conduct mass culls of planetary populations during times of famine or plague. This murderous duty only serves to heighten the fear they inspire in those civilians who have heard of them, and ensures that any Magos accompanied by such vicious machines is taken very seriously by Planetary Governors and ambassadors to the Mechanicum.


Vorax Maniple Ρ-Κ-12 is a bit of a departure from the bulkier, slower Automata that fill out the ranks of Cerberus Cohort. The models are designed to appear much more lithe and agile. Combined with the mean-looking claws worked into their feet, they remind me of nothing so much as Jurassic Park’s Velociraptors.

To that end, I tried to capture some of the Raptors’ murderous inquisitiveness in the poses of Vorax Maniple Ρ-Κ-12. One is even posed kicking out with its toe-claw in honour of the creatures that started my life-long live affair with dinosaurs.


Painting these mechanical monsters was very similar to painting much of the rest of Cerberus Cohort. The main difference is that the lack of armour plating helps to give the whole model a much more ‘exposed’ feel, as though protection were traded off for speed (which is the point of Vorax).

Finally, I added some heat distress to the Rotor Cannon barrels, added a gloss finish to the high-tech sensor nodes that serve as eyes, and Vorax Maniple Ρ-Κ-12 was ready to go tear the throats out of some Loyalist fools.


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