Thanatar Siege Automata Ω-Β-20

This week while I continue to power through a big pile of Flames of War minis on commission, it’s time to dig into the archives and visit a miniature I haven’t had the chance to show you yet; my Thanatar-Class Siege-Automata, Ω-Β-20.


Designed as a mobile artillery platform to support the advance of smaller, more nimble automata, the Thanatar is built around a heavily-reinforced frame and enough strength to transport and fire the Hellex Plasma Mortar that serves as its primary weapon.

Thanatar Ω-Β-20 was deployed with Cerberus Cohort at the outset of the Great Crusade, and has undergone many improvements and upgrades in that time. At its core, it remains a simple-minded automata, possessing just enough intelligence to identify and destroy enemy units, while protecting friendly ones.


The Thanatar was a lot of fun to build and paint. A monster of a mini, it stands about double the height of the Castellax, and is head and shoulders over even the towering Domitar-class Automata.

As you can see from this rear shot, there are a lot of moving parts and exposed mechanisms to Thanatar Ω-Β-20, and this made him all the more fun to paint. I have a particular love of belt-fed weapons on large vehicles, and so the Mauler Bolt Cannons strapped to his left arm add a lot of character to what could be an otherwise very symmertical rear view.


One of the other things I experimented with while painting Thanatar Ω-Β-20 was heat-distressed metals. To represent the Plasma Mortar firing, I tried a variety of ink washes to simulate the effect of extreme heat on metals (similar effect can be seen on the bottom of some cookware or engine exhausts). I’m pretty pleased with the overall results, although I think I need a more obvious brown colour at the extreme edge of the heat distress where it blends back into the regular metal colour.


And there you have it. Thanatar Ω-Β-20, ready to storm out and crush the enemies of the Warmaster. He’s only been fielded in one game so far, but acquitted himself well, wiping out some elite enemy units in barrages of superheated plasma, and even killing an enemy vehicle by tearing it apart with its giant clamp-hands!


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