Getting Basic

Apologies for missing yesterday’s update. I was busy working on a super-secret project which I can now share with you: Brush With Destiny is expanding into the base-making business!


Brush With Destiny’s base collection will begin with two themes: Dark Temple and Industrial Decking.


The Dark Temple bases are crafted to look like the floor of a fane to dark powers, and would be a perfect base for any evil force, be it fantasy or science fiction.


The Industrial Decking bases are decidedly more science fiction, and would make a perfect set of bases for anything from Steampunk armies to alien infestations.


The bases currently cover four main sizes: 60mm (at the top of the article), 40mm (above), 32mm (below), and 25mm (below again).

These bases should allow you to make a start with your army, providing bases for your infantry, heroes, and large mechas/monsters.


Of course, the proof of a good base is how lit looks beneath a miniature, so for your consideration, I’ve mounted Lieutenant-Commander Fabius on a Dark Temple 32mm base, and a Genestealer Patriarch on an Industrial Decking 40mm base:


These bases will be available to order from the website starting in May, but you can get your hands on them as early as next weekend!

Brush With Destiny Studios will be at the Greater Sydney Scale Model Expo April 2-3. You can get all the details here.

Both the Industrial Decking and Dark Temple base sets will be available in full at trade show discounted rates a month before they release online. If you can, come on down and take advantage of the great deals on offer!


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