Multi-Purpose Spartan

This week, it’s a miniature months in the painting; the colossal Spartan Assault Tank:


An extension of the ubiquitous Land Raider armoured carrier, the Spartan was designed to carry more than double the number of troops a standard Land Raider could carry, permitting a full squad of ten Terminators to ride one accompanied by commanders or even their Legion’s Primarch.

After the Horus Heresy and the restructuring of the Legions into much smaller Chapters, the need for the Spartan’s large troop bay disappeared. This, combined with the high maintenance requirements for Spartans saw them replaced in many Chapters by Land Raiders almost completely.

Any Spartans now maintained by a Chapter of Space Marines is a sacred relic, and deployed only in the most dire of situations.


Spartans are big. Easily half as large again as any other tank I’ve ever put my brush to (except the Warhound), painting this Spartan was an involved but rewarding process.


Painted in the same way as the Sicaran and the Rhino I’ve painted earler for this client, the Spartan was very much an exercise in repeating those techniques on a much larger scale.

The flames are still there along the bottom of the hull, and depressed areas were still filled in with yellow to provide a counterpoint to all the black. I also painted the side doors on the Spartan yellow to help break up the large area of black that its flanks would otherwise have become.


As always, the lascannon arrays were painted with a blue glow effect to give them a suitably sci-fi feel.

As an experiment, I changed the way I did weathering on this tank. Instead of rough brush strokes, I used a sponge with black and gunmetal paint on it to create a more natural weathering effect. This paid off especially well on the yellow sections, where the black and metal played off each other very nicely (in particular around the front assault ramp).


This is also the first vehicle I’ve painted with an interior! Since the model was already glued together, there wasn’t the opportunity to add a lot of details, but the glow effect around the lights and the weathering on the ramp itself all add to the well-used and battle-worn feel of the model.

One Response to “Multi-Purpose Spartan”
  1. A beautiful piece mate. Nice read too. Well done.

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