Domitar Σ-Κ-7

This week, the Mechanicum units continue, this time with a Domitar-class battle automata, Σ-Κ-7:


Widely considered the pinnacle of the Mechanicum’s research into Battle-Automata, the Domitar was the last type of automata to enter production before the outbreak of the Horus Heresy and the ensuing technological regression. Larger and swifter than the Castellax it served beside, the Domitar is built to close range with the enemy and destroy them wholesale in melee, hence its more robus frame and additional armour plating.

Domitar Σ-Κ-7 served with Cerberus Cohort for decades, developing many programming quirks and eccentricities that would eventually give it some dark semblance of life. Deployed when wholesale destruction is required, Σ-Κ-7 is a terrifying foe to face in battle.


Kitbashed from the oft-maligned Kastelan Robot and armed with one half of a Deredeo Missile System, Domitar Σ-Κ-7was built to be tall, mean, and imposing. Painted and weathered the same way as the Castellax I painted before it, I’m very happt with the outcome.

At the time of writing, Forge World have just released their own version of the Domitar Battle-Automata, and this model will no doubt one day be retired in favour of those sleeker looking minis. For now, though, it’s an excellent representation of a deadly machine, and I look forward to fielding it in battle.


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