Castellax Maniple Δ-Δ-9

Today, we’re making a start on the rank-and-file of my Dark Mechanicum project.

I’ve decided that my forces are going to be a Legio Cybernetica detachment. The Legio Cybernetica are responsible for building and maintaining the fighting battle-automata of the Imperium, and as such had access to some of the most durable and powerful mechanical creatures during the Horus Heresy.

The army’s basic theme is “murderbots;” lots and lots of heavy robots with heavy weapons and armour-crushing physical strength. To theat end, all of my troops are going to be Castellax maniples, and so we start with maniple Δ-Δ-9:


Castellax are designed specifically for siege and heavy assault work. Their core programming is belligerent enough to ensure total destruction, and their armour is thick enough to stop most damage from man-portable weapons.

Cerberus Cohort often deploys its Castellax to ambush over-extended enemies, and as such paints their battle-automata in a variety of camouflage schemes to obscure them from a distance.


Painting maniple Δ-Δ-9 was a lot of fun. Rather than sticking to the predominantly black theme of the army’s Magi, I painted maniple Δ-Δ-9 in a two-tome camouflage scheme similar to my Warhound Titan. This has the dual benefit of looking really cool and tying my far larger Titan into the army’s colours for larger games.

To tie them to their living masters, maniple Δ-Δ-9 was painted with one shoulder pad painted black and yellow, with the Cerberus symbol and their unit designation added to help tell them apart from the other Castellax maniples that are coming. Finally, any parts that are meant to be “hi-tech” were given a green artificial look to match the Magi’s lenses and cabling as well.


Stood next to Archmagos Thexeus, the Castellax fit in quite nicely. The only other thing I did with this unit was to experiment with weathering effects using sponges and some brown and gunmetal paint.

And that’s that. The first part of maniple Δ-Δ-9 is now ready for battle! A Castellax maniple can number anywhere up to six machines, though, so I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.


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