Master of Mechanisms

Today we’re back to my Traitor Legio Cybernatica army. Having painted one of the army’s top lieutenants earlier this year, it was time for me to go ahead and paint the head of the Cerberus Cohort, Archmagos Dominus Thexeus:


Unyielding master of Cerberus Cohort, Archmagos Thexeus’ body has atrophied to the point of uselessness. All of his physical needs from breathing to fighting are taken care of by his Abeyant, a life support system which doubles as a mobile battle station.

Archmagos Thexeus, much like Magos Cyniss, is converted from a Warmachine Miniature, namely Exulon Thexus. I converted his armatures into legs with some simple cutting and repositioning, leaving at least two arms free for slicing and dicing (one of them well and truly stuck inside a dying Imperial Fist), which helped make him look suitably different from his base miniature.


Painting the Archmagos was very similar to painting Magos Cyniss, and they look quite nice when posed together.

The only other addition to Thexeus was a Cyber-Familiar. A Cyber-Familiar is a small mechanical creature that assists its master in a variety of esoteric ways, but plays no direct role in combat. To help keep it out of the way, I’ve modeled it as part of Archmagos Thexeus’ base. It was made from leftover parts from the Magos Cyniss conversion, and it makes an excellent addition to my warlord’s base.

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  1. Really impressive, love it

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