Multi-Purpose Rhino

This week, we continue with the Multi-Purpose vehicles I’ve been working on for a client for a while now.

An updated version of the older Mk. IC Rhino, the Mk. IIC is the variant most commonly in production throughout the Forge Worlds of the 41st Millenium. As with earlier marks, the IIC Rhino is easy to maintain and repair in the field, allowing a driver with little technical knowledge to keep his machine moving.


Painting Rhino APCs should (in my mind) be a simple, straightforward affair, with little adornment and ostentation. To that end, this Rhino was painted in the same way as the Multi-Purpose Sicaran and Land Raider, but with fewer squad markings and more weathering to help make it look a little less cared for than its rarer and more venerable counterparts.


The flames are still a prominent feature of this scheme, as is the battle damage. Without either of these things, the tanks looks out of place next to the others.


Once all the decals and weathering was applied, it was time to hit it with a dullcote to seal the paint, and then it’s ready to roll out!

One Response to “Multi-Purpose Rhino”
  1. Really nice mate. What did you use for the dull Cote?

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