Xiphon-Pattern Interceptor

Welcome to 2016!

Brush With Destiny is back in gear after a lazy December (an only an hour late!), and I thought I’d start the year by wrapping up an army from last year: My Ultramarines.

This week, I’m displaying my Xiphon-Pattern Interceptor, the Raptus Bellico:


Once a mainstay of the Space Marine Legions, the Xiphon-Pattern Interceptor was an agile, well-equipped fighter craft, capable of both atmospheric flight and limited void operations. A complex design and ill-favour with the Tech-Magi of the Mechanicum meant that the Xiphon was steadily phased out of service by all Legions except the Dark Angels (who still favoured the design) and the Ultramarines (who had few options operating on the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy). The need for men and machines brought on by the Horus Heresy, however, would see Xiphons pressed back into service by almost every Legion.


Painting the Xiphon was a lot of fun. The dark blue of my Ultramarines armour coupled with the light grey of the fighter’s underside give the fighter an impressive look, counterpointed by the white, red, and gold of the engines and Legion markings.

The pilot was painted before anything else on the interceptor, and the canopy glued tight and masked off to protect the clear areas before I hit the exterior with the airbrush. The overall impression I was going for was of a clean, well-maintained, but nonetheless older fighter craft, and I think that comes through, especially compared to the Dreadnoughts like Telemechrus.


The entire Ultramarines army I’ve been working on has been based as though they’re still living through the horrors of the Betrayal at Calth; the momentous event which dragged the XIIIth Legion into the Horus Heresy.

To that end, the Xiphon is being mobbed by a flock of Furies, daemonic entities let loose by the traitorous Word Bearers as they attacked Calth. I wanted the Furies to feel sinister (hence the black and red colour scheme), but still impishly mischievous, pulling at random parts of the Xiphon’s fuselage to see what happens. The one pinned to the nose of the interceptor by the G-forces at play around the supersonic fighter craft is a particular favourite.


The Furies aren’t entirely impish, though. They also have a deep capacity for wanton cruelty. The Fury on the Xiphon’s base is reaching out to a Calthian child lost on the battlefield, seemingly caressing his head (before ripping it clean from the poor kid’s shoulders).

This felt like a nice counterpoint to Honoured Callistarius stepping in to protect the family on his base, and serves to remind the audience that the Ultramarines lost just as much (if not more) than they protected the day war came to Calth.

With the Xiphon finished, my army is now fully painted and ready for tournament play, with a few extra units to sub in as I like. This year will have a much more mechanical focus for my personal projects, so stay tuned for more…

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  1. Whoa! Very nice mate. Very nice indeed

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